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Paternoster schoolkids enjoy museum trip

Published in Weslander Community News.

Flying dragons, inspired sculptures and paintings depicting scenes from across the world left a group of learners in awe.

Learners from St Augustine’s Primary in Paternoster recently enjoyed a treat when they visited the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) in Cape Town on Thursday 12 July 2018.

The children were intrigued by the boldness of the works of art, starting with Nicholas Hlobo’s dragon-like lightning bird soaring high above them in the atrium of the museum.

They also had great fun creating their own magic eyeglasses from discarded materials in the Centre for Art Education.

But it was the magnificence of the almost century-old grain silo turned into an ultra-modern exhibition space that knocked their socks off.

“Those thick walls!” one little boy said, arms stretched wide. “And that staircase, just going up and up, and round and round!” another added, while the rest nodded excitedly.

The outing, for many of the kids their first visit to Cape Town, was organized but the Paternoster Project NPC as part of their holiday program.

Part of the holiday project was also a visit to the lighthouse at Cape Columbine, a treasure hunt and heritage storytelling.

The Zeitz MOCAA excursion for 46 learners, accompanied by teachers, parents and volunteers, was sponsored by Prof Arnold van Zyl, the South-African-born president of the Dual Estate University of Baden-Württemberg in Germany, and is set it become an annual event.


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