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We Need Your Financial Investment to Build a Future of Sustainability

Operational funding support is our lifeline to develop and sustain the programme. The goal is to build a sustainability fund that reflects six months’ operational expenses, should no funding materialise. Project funding follows once the operational income has been secured.

We are a PBO, NGO, and a registered DSD partial care facility in order to support ALL methods of funding. We also issue SARS certificates as tax relief to South African entities and pave the way for SARS tax relief to corporates, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), legacies, businesses, CSI, funding agencies, and relevant subsidies. Our latest AFS is also available on request.

“The investment in children and young people has the greatest prospect of changing long-term educational and economic trajectories. We must give every child the benefit of early childhood development. We need to stop nutritional stunting of young children. We should build simple, loving connections with and for every child.”

DG Murray Trust: Escaping the Inequality Trap- Five-year Strategy

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