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“To equip the youth of Paternoster for the future and to maintain the local heritage.”

Give Wings to a Child’s Dreams ...

OUR GOAL is to recognise the inequalities caused by poverty, food insecurity and limited educational after-school resources the children of Paternoster face each day.


Together with other partners, we can play a meaningful role to create a safe space to support resource-poor families, provide nutritional meals, combat hunger, encourage good health and well-being and facilitate after hours educational support through structured life skill projects.

Our objectives

  • Address escalating hunger among young children.

  • Create an alternative afternoon classroom to support educational and learning activities in a safe space.

  • Deepen impact through learning and collaboration.

Our outcomes

  • The Paternoster programme creates a safe – and fun – space of play, learning and nutrition.

  • Facilitates afternoon activities of both play and learning through strong partnerships.

  • Builds long-term sustainability and reflects good governance, utilising a community-driven Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) template to build sustainable partnerships.

Please support our children

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